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Start up a box scheme in your area!

We can help you to get started.

We have many years experience of running this type of business model and so can offer a wealth of advice (and veg!) to get you started quickly and easily. We are passionate about what we do and would love to help other growers and/or distributors get going by sharing our expertise.

Do you want to be a veg grower in Cumbria…or maybe you are one already?

HOME GROWN HERE is a scalable business model designed to fully support the people and organisations who want to pack and distribute HOME GROWN HERE produce across Cumbria. If you genuinely care about where food comes from and want to ensure that your communities have access to high quality, locally-grown food then please talk us about starting a veg box scheme in your area.

For an informal chat, ring 07376 726889 or email info@homegrownhere.co.uk.


For more info, ring 07376 726889