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Grown locally, responsibly, together.

Home Grown Here is a co-operative of growers and veg box schemes aspiring to build a better food system for Cumbria. We grow a wide variety of fruit and veg year-round in our fields and polytunnels across Cumbria and deliver them to you through our local veg box schemes.

Making a difference

We believe that simple changes to how veg and fruit is grown, bought and consumed can transform our food system for the better and play a vital role in helping Cumbria reach and sustain carbon neutral beyond 2037.

There’s one really simple thing that everyone can do right now to play their part in tackling climate change … and that’s to join their local grower-led veg box scheme!


Working sustainably

We aim to grow food using methods that are kind to the environment, which reduce emissions, promote biodiversity and re-connect local people to the land on which their food is grown.

We’re seeking to shorten supply chains, keep waste and food miles to a minimum and use little, no or non-plastic packaging. We’re also striving to use more renewable resources in the production, processing, transport and storage of our produce.

Supporting local growers

HOME GROWN HERE encourages & supports Cumbrian farmers to grow more fruit and vegetables by providing:

• A route to market for their crops
• Bulk purchasing of seed/plants/soil analysis
• Advice, skills-sharing & networking opportunities
• Specialist machinery & equipment
• A team of trained seasonal pickers
• Personalised branding for each grower
• Access to grants through working together